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Listed below is a continuation of the first breeding page. Below you will find our upcoming breeding pairs that will produce some of the finest American Bully puppies in the world. The majority of the bully dogs we use in our program are direct in-house productions. 

Below you will find picks available from each breeding pair. Picks for our upcoming breeding pairs are reserved ahead of time. Puppies that aren't picked with the first and second picks will be sold as individuals.

When we do have individual American Bully Puppies for sale we list them on our "puppies available" page. This page can be found in the menu, or click on the link below to access the Bully Pups for sale


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Maverick x Petey Picks


1st Pick Male - Reserved by Edgar G.

2nd Pick Male - Available $4500

 Maverick is a blue tri micro male American Bully. He is a showstopper and is also a proven producer for us. He's extremely short, standing 12 inches at the withers and weighs 60 pounds. Maverick displays green eyes, a wide chest, clean bite, clean tail, correct feet, and muscular body.   


1st Pick Female - Davontre R.

2nd Pick Female - Tony H.

 Petey is an extreme pocket female American Bully. She has a clean tail, clean feet, clean bite, large head, and super thick bone. Petey has a barreled down chest and extreme girth while displaying a unique pie bald (cow patch) color. Petey stands 16 inches at the withers and weighs 80 pounds. This will be her first breeding. 

Koba x Nova Picks


1st Pick Male - Reserved by Drew G. 

2nd Pick Male - Reserved by Juan J.


1st Pick Female - Reserved by Alicia & Jessie W.

2nd Pick Female - Reserved by Keith & Kersee P.

Block Bloods Koba is an extreme pocket American Bully, pictured here at 12 months old. He has clean feet, large head, clean bite, massive head, short wide muzzle, super thick bone. Koba has a barreled down chest, extreme muscle and girth while displaying the blue tri coat and green eyes. Koba stands 15 inches at the withers and weighs 75 pounds (at this time, has plenty of width to go since he is only 12 months old). Koba is a Southeast Bully Kennels production.

Block Bloods Nova is an extreme pocket 4 year old American Bully female. She stands 15 inches at the withers and weighs an astounding 80 pounds. She is a color carrier of white, chocolate, and lilac colors, and has proven to produce unique colors with extreme body and headpieces. She has huge bone, extreme girth, a barreled down chest, a short wide muzzle, clean tail, straight feet, and green eyes. Nova is a proven producer and is a Southeast Bully Kennels production.