Since 2007, we have excelled at being a Top American Bully Breeder for the Micro Bully and Pocket Bully. With having produced in-house over 25 Champion and Grand Champions, we have stayed true to core breeding principles, focusing on health, temperament, and structure. This can be seen in our consistent productions throughout the years in the American Bully community. You won’t see the Block Bloodline all over the place because we don’t pursue the sale of stud fees but much rather perfecting the American Bully through selective breeding, puppy training education, and health testing. We are dedicated to being a responsible breeder of pocket bullies and micro bullies, the breed we have fallen in love with. Below, you will see many of our past productions; the majority of these pictures are updates sent in by families that purchased their American bully from us, with many more posted on our Instagram and Facebook pages.