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Males & Females Available - Blue Tri (sold), and High Pattern Ice Blue Merle (sold), Ice Blue Merle Female (sold), Blue Merle Female (sold) - Pocket Bully Puppies for sale. They come with ABKC registration paperwork, potty training, and socialization; Ear cropping is optional. Puppies are off of IcePick (sire) X Blocka (dam), both can be seen on our upcoming breeding pairs page.


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To reserve/purchase a pocket bully puppy for sale above requires a $1000 deposit for normal colors and rare or exotic colors require a deposit that is half the cost of the dog. The deposit is non-refundable; but it applies towards the balance of your bully puppy. The bully puppy must be fully paid off by 6 weeks of age, or the puppy will be resold. Ear cropping is done at 7 weeks old, and the puppy comes home at 8/9 weeks of age once the ears are healed.

To see our upcoming breedings, check out our Upcoming Breedings Page.

Pickup or Shipping

Shipping Options For Your Pocket Bully Puppy

At Southeast Bully Kennels, we understand that bringing home a new furry family member is an exciting and heartwarming experience. To ensure a smooth and stress-free journey for your puppy, we offer several convenient shipping options:

  1. Pick-Up: You are more than welcome to come pick up your pocket bully puppy. We are located outside of Charlotte, NC by Waxhaw.
  2. Ground Delivery (Available in Select Areas):
    • Service Area: North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, eastern Tennessee, and northern Florida.
    • Description: Our in-house pet nanny personally delivers your puppy to your doorstep. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your bully puppy is in caring hands throughout the trip.
    • Delivery Fee: Ranging from $300 to $600, depending on the round-trip distance.
    • Payment: Pay directly to our pet nanny at the time of delivery.
  3. Domestic Flights (Across the United States):
    • How It Works: Your pocket bully puppy will travel in the airplane cabin alongside our experienced pet nanny. Together, they’ll make their way to your nearest international airport.
    • Airport Handoff: Our pet nanny will meet you in the baggage claim area, ensuring a personal and safe delivery experience.
    • Delivery Fee: Priced between $600 and $750.
    • Payment: Directly to the pet nanny upon delivery.
  4. International Flights:
    • Global Reach: Whether you’re across the country or around the world, we’ve got you covered.
    • In-Cabin Travel: Your bully puppy will accompany our pet nanny in the airplane cabin.
    • Airport Arrival: Our pet nanny will be there to greet you in the baggage claim area of your nearest international airport.
    • Flexible Pricing: The delivery fee varies based on current ticket rates.
    • Payment: Made directly to our pet nanny upon arrival.

At Southeast Bully Kennels, we prioritize your puppy’s well-being and your peace of mind. Rest assured that our dedicated pet nanny will provide personalized care and attention throughout the journey. Your new pocket bully puppy will arrive safely, ready to fill your home with love and joy.

Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or if you’d like to proceed with one of these shipping options. 🐾🚚✨

PAYMENT OPTIONS--- We accept payment via the PayPal link below, Cash App, Zelle, Walmart to Walmart, or Bank Wire Transfer.

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Included With Your Pocket Bully Puppy Purchase

Included with every Pocket Bully Puppy is two parvo vaccinations, ABKC bully registration, and three rounds of deworming. Additionally, we offer ear-cropping and/or tail docking for $200. Rest assured; every Pocket bully puppy comes with a health guarantee. 

During their stay with us, we ensure each pocket bully puppy is well-prepared for their new home. We put significant effort into potty training and discipline training while in our care. We also allow the family to give the pup their new name and ensure they are familiar with a variety of animals, big and small, including cats, to promote well-rounded social interactions.

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Our Pocket Bullies Full Grown

At Full-grown, our pocket bully puppies will stand 13–15 inches at the withers, weighing between 50–70 pounds. This comes from our patented Block Bloodline extreme build having a more compact from front to back frame while still having the extreme features (big bones, blocky head, big rib cage, thick rears. 

The videos above are of Kimi and RoadBlock. Both are pocket bullies produced right here. To see more videos check our Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. Links are provided at the bottom of the page.