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RoadBlock the TOp extreme pocket american bully Stud


Roadblock The Top Extreme Pocket American Bully Stud

Block Bloods RoadBlock is currently 7 years old as of 2018. Unlike a lot of kennels whose dogs are off of layers of RIP dogs. Our dogs are still alive and well and still able to produce. Roadblock has produced Blockbuster, Vegeta, Charlie Brown, Charlotte, and countless others with just a handful of breedings. All of which have been producers for us and so has their offspring. We only breed RoadBlock one time a year to keep the direct offspring off him exclusive. 

RoadBlock is considered an extreme pocket american bully. He weighs 70 pounds and has arms the size of the thick end of a softball bat, has a clean tail and is incredibly thick. He is gold in color and has been able to produce a wide variety of colors including champagne, lilac, chocolate, black, red, and countless other colors. He doesn't have a dominate color gene so he's able to adapt to whatever color the female is carrying. 


Maverick The Top micro american bully Stud

Maverick the micro extreme american bully

Maverick the Micro American Bully Stud

Maverick is a blue tri extreme micro American Bully. He has proven that when bred to a Block Blood female he can reproduce an even better dog than the parents. This is the standard when we look for our studs within our program. We demand that the american bully pups off the bully parents are better than the bully parents we used. This is the way it should always be since we are dealing with a man made breed. Its all about evolution. Cant have too much bulldog or too much terrier. If one outweighs the other is when the dogs go fully terrier or fully bulldog. This is why breeders and kennels who have been around stick around. They understand this concept and understand what it takes to produce top quality American bullies and Exotic Bullies.

Maverick weighs 55 pounds and stands around 12 inches at the withers. He has a barreled down chest, muscled up physique, clean bite, and a clean tail. Maverick has chiseled green eyes and his offspring show this as well. He is a producer of countless offspring that are apart of our program and families all over the world. The pairings he is paired with are unique and one of a kind each time.  

Maverick is almost 3 years old as of 2019